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Directed Giving

While we encourage donors to give unrestricted gifts as this allows us to focus support fluidly where the need is the greatest, such as when we had to adjust everything we did to assist students during the pandemic, we understand that some donors prefer to direct their giving to personal interests and desires.  You can do so through our various directed giving programs below.  If, instead, you wish to support our students with an unrestricted gift please click on the button below.

Directed Gift Giving

These programs are active on our campus and can be selected for direct support via our directed giving or restricted gift giving program.  Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to that specific directed giving program.


Scholarships enable our students to purchase those items that may be above and beyond our free/low tuition costs.  They also enable transferring students to avoid amassing a large student loan debt while finishing their degrees.


These funds can directly benefit individual teams or the various athletic programs on campus.

Performing Arts

These funds go to support Music, Theater and Dance Programs.

Educational & Institutional Programs

Funds directed here go to support the various educational and institutional programs throughout the college.

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