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The DVC Alumni Association connects alumni of the college back to the school where they got their start.  For many, community college is where they begun their journey in higher education.  Regardless of where that journey took them it began with us.  We celebrate those that remember that beginning and want to help connect them back so they can give back what was so freely given to them.

We host a number of events throughout the year to bring people back onto the campus and highlight the great work being done by students that are just like they were when you were here.  From Athletics to Drama, Dance and Music this is a great way to become involved again.

We also work to provide connection with other alumni and to career education and resources.  Your educational relationship doesn't have to end with DVC once you reach one goal.  We're here to support your lifelong learning journey.


Lastly we work to connect alumni to advisory boards for campus departments, mentoring opportunities from various student groups and as employers for interns and graduates.  If you want to get involved we can help to find you the connection you want.

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